Pig-Farming Unit production process

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Our company is a member of the EUROPEAN PIG PRODUCERS’ organization, which includes the biggest Pig Producers in Europe. This means that our production department is always following the latest developments in the technology, production and distribution of fresh pork.

Creta Farm has a pork production unit that is unique by Greek standards, and is one of very few companies in Europe that has been certified by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance with:

- ISO: 9001 in 1999
for the breeding of pigs, for the fattening of specially fed pigs (without the use of antibiotics, with feed without fishmeal or proteins of animal origin), for the slaughter of pigs, for the production and distribution of fresh pork meat, for the planning, production, trading and distribution of deli meats and meat products, for the processing and packaging of chilled deli meats and frozen pre-cooked ready-made meals.

- ISO:14001 in 2000

for environmental management.

- AGRO: 3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4 in 2006

for quality assurance of Pork, related to: the production of compound animal feed, the rearing of pigs for fattening and the slaughter of pigs.

- BRC since 2006

a british standard for food safety. 

- ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 in 2012

 for Prerequisite Programs on Food Safety for the Production of food. 

- FSSC 22000:2010 in 2012

a standard for food safety.

- non GMO Scheme (P/PIR/1894/25.4.2007 & Non GMO Assessment Criteria/Rev.1/25.4.2007)

management system for non Genetically Modified Organisms, applied in the production of pig feed that does not contain, does not include and is not produced by genetically modified organisms, pursuant to EU Regulations 1829 & 1830/2003.

Furthermore, the highest quality levels are ensured and maintained by the use of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system (ISO 22000 - HACCP) and compliance with the applicable health regulations.

The harmonization of all production processes with the requirements of the above-mentioned standards and the relevant regulatory demands, combined with the continuous controls implemented at all production stages, guarantee the production and distribution of fresh meat products that are healthy, safe and of a high quality, with the aim of providing maximum satisfaction to the company’s clients.

The pork production unit at Creta Farm consists of the reproduction unit, where the sows are reared, the commercial unit, the animal feeds production unit, the slaughterhouse, the cutting unit, the meat products production unit and the auxiliary units for the processing of animal by-products and waste, namely the by-products processing unit and the biological waste treatment and composting unit.

The fertilization of the sows at the company’s commercial unit is carried out exclusively through artificial insemination by experienced, qualified zootechnical staff. The use of the artificial insemination method allows us to maintain the highest level of hygiene and fully exploit boars of a high genetic potential.

After weaning, the piglets live in modernly constructed, closed-type chambers under fully controlled environmental conditions, depending on their age, pursuant to the requirements of the relevant standards, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements. Air renewal is controlled through automated ventilation systems

The fully grilled flooring at the animals’ holding areas allows for a total elimination of all surface waste. Through underground or ground-level closed pipes, all waste is taken to the modern biological waste treatment unit, where it is processed accordingly, and the resulting water and manure are managed according to the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. After checking that the processed water meets all relevant requirements, it is transported through a pipe network and covers the irrigation needs of the company’s green areas. The manure is transported to the Composting unit for further processing resulting in packaged sacks of dehydrated odorless manure, ready for market distribution.

The feeding of the animals is carried out through automatic feeding machines with balanced rations, specially prepared for each stage of the pigs’ development according to their needs; these are exclusively produced at the company’s animal feeds plant. All imported raw materials are checked by the company’s suitably equipped quality control department, and also by domestic and foreign laboratories, in order to ensure that they adhere to the set specifications.

The animals are under full, constant veterinary control by qualified staff. In this way, the high level of the animals’ health is ensured at all stages and, at the same time, the use of antibiotics is not required for fattening. After fattening, the pigs are led to the slaughterhouse with a weight of 100-110 kg.

The Creta Farm slaughterhouse is very modern and harmonized with the requirements of the international community (EEC license S27); its equipment and technical processes ensure the proper slaughtering of animals by zootechnical standards and, above all, the quality and safety of the produced fresh pork. This is also ensured and certified by the application of the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (HACCP) systems in all production phases and processes.